Why You Have To Visit Mount Etna And What To Know Before You Go?


There is no doubt that Europe is in the possession of some of the most beautiful landscapes, architectural splendor, and some amazing destinations that call people from all over the world. Though a few places are quite popular amongst people like London, Paris, Spain, and Ireland, there are a few lesser known places that often get overlooked by people. Lesser known doesn’t state that they are less in any terms and beauty prevails there in every corner. One such place is Mount Etna which is not that popular but it deserves to be placed amongst the top places in Europe to make a visit at. It is located in Sicily and boasts of natural wonders.

If you are not familiar with Mount Etna, we are making sure that you know all about it. Let’s first focus on the reasons that why you must visit Mount Etna.

Ancient History

Mount Etna is counted as one of the ancient places in the world and its existence traces back to 1500 BC making it 35,000 years old. Right from its first eruption, it has erupted almost 200 times. The history and legend associated with the places are quite interesting. The ancient Greek people whole once controlled the island believed that the volcano was the home to a legendary monster with one-eye name Cyclops. The Homer’s Odyssey has the mention of the place and monster.

It Is Still Active

The existence of the island is because of its first eruption and that doesn’t end here. The volcano is still active and as of now, it last erupted on 17thMay 2016. The eruption makes the place one of the most important geological spots in the entire content and also enhances its picturesque beauty. Making an Etna excursion is one of the most activities you can do ever.

Famous For Hiking and Skiing

Mounts Etna houses Etna National Park which is one of the important sightseeing spots of the island. It was founded in 1897 and covers an area of 224 square miles including 20 towns. If you plan to visit in the summer or springtime, you can actually go for hiking and on reaching the top, you can enjoy the amazing view of landscapes that stretch to ash fields, rolling hills, medieval town,and vineyards. In addition, the place is included in the UNESCO protection and there are two tourism zones which include ski lifts so you can experience skiing, hotels, and restaurants. The National Park provides many trails and paths for skiing and if you wish to experience skiing then make sure to visit between November and March.

Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Mount Etna

After knowing the reasons for what you must visit Mount Etna, here we are sharing some information you must know before visiting there.

  • You can visit Mount Etna throughout the year.
  • As Mount Etna is located in Sicily which is the Southern part of Italy, it has a mild temperature the entire winter.
  • The island feels to be boiling in the summer season, but as you ascend to the higher altitude, the temperature will get pleasant with cooler temperature.
  • You should carry jacket not only in the winter but also for the summer to protect your skin from extreme heat, dust, and ash.


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