Andaman is all about beaches and sea-shore fun with so much to experience and see. When given a chance, who wouldn’t want to see the place and that is why to make it easier for all the readers out there, we have come up with the list of top things to do in Andaman. Scroll down and read along so that you get to know about the incredible things to do in Andaman. Make this your next holiday destination and fly down on cheap flights to try as many of these incredible things on the list as you can!


Beach bumming is fun and among the very much essential things to do in Andaman. How could you not do it when you get the chance to? Lie down on the sands and feel the sunrays falling on you and the suntan that gives you a lot of solar energy and the positive effects from them. You will love the feel. Let go of all the thinking process for a while and focus on the feel of the sun and the surroundings.


Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, banana boat rides, parasailing, underwater walking, jet skiing and what not. Each and every activity beats the previous one and you will just love being here. Your worries and tensions will dissolve while you start worrying about how to finish your adventurous tasks right in front of you. There are enough things to do in Andaman and on it’s beaches to keep your adventurous mode always on.


Havelock Island is the best place to relax as you will be finding peace and tranquility here. This place is in fact the home of Asia’s most magnificent and beautiful beaches including the Radhanagar beach which is a sight to drool over.  Jolly Buoy Island in Port Blair is usually considered the best place for snorkeling. Well, you can count on this as the next best.


This place is historically known as kaala paani (black water) and the jail here was actually used by the British to imprison political prisoners.


You should be rushing to Jolly Buoy Island or Red Skin Island for the multicolored coral reefs that Andaman is famous for. How interesting it is to look at the remnants from the last glacial period when the melting ices lead to rise in the sea levels and that lead to flooding of the continental shelves. You should be venturing into this geographical realms of Gaia and make this the most memorable time of your life. Studying the stunning coral reefs is among the most fascinating things to do in Andaman.


The underwater walk at the North Bay Island and the Havelock Island are the topmost attractions you will be finding here in Andaman which you shouldn’t miss at all.  You wear a helmet through which you can breathe normally and the walk brings you the chance to get close with corals and fish.


Andaman’s bird island or Chidiya Tapu is a perfect place with forests, mangroves and innumerable species of birds. The constant chirruping of birds all through the day, birds in all color, shapes and sizes flying from one tree to another finding food or just lazing around. Yes, bird watching is one of the most amazing things to do in Andaman on a holiday if you are a true nature lover.

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